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Suede Guerrillas


Grassroots Marketing Initiative

For PUMA’s Run the Streets campaign, we created the Suede Guerrillas, a group of artists and creatives that authentically embodied the campaign’s ethos. It was the first long-term micro-influencer campaign to exist in the region, and it produced an unprecedented amount of original content and activations - a millennial interpretation of “running the streets”.

In Year 2, the Suede Guerrillas evolved into a regional platform for co-creation anchored by the website, suedeguerrillas.com, which we also designed. We’re especially proud of the platform because it offers the type of big brand exposure that creatives in cities outside of Dubai can hardly attain, or fathom.

Now an entire region of creatives have a way to continually share ideas and work with PUMA. It’s already led to dozens of co-creations and will continue to do so while the site is live. It’s the type of access and opportunity our younger selves dreamed of, and we’re proud to pay it forward to this generation.

Suede Guerrillas website.