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Suede Guerrillas & International Women’s Day

Curating an event that looks great, and feels great (in terms of vibes), is a big enough challenge. We make it harder on ourselves by trying to make it unprecedented in some sort of way. Thankfully, PUMA has always shared our ambition to make this happen.

Our first event with PUMA celebrated the Suede Guerrillas and their global Run the Streets campaign. The event featured a secret, graffiti tagged entrance through a sheesha cafe, and it also marked the first time a Secret Walls mural battle ever took place in Dubai.

The following year, we celebrated International Women’s Day by capturing the beautiful diversity of Dubai women in the most inclusive way we could think of. Often brands will target the same groups or expats because of their consumer strength in the country.

For International Women’s Day, and for us, that wasn’t good enough. Instead, we celebrated nearly 30 different women, and their respective nationalities, as it’s this type of diversity that makes Dubai so special. Each woman was shot for their own portrait (with makeup colors from their country’s flag). Every single portrait was then displayed at a party hosted by 3 female DJs.

Vogue article about International Women’s Day concept and event.